A state of not-healthy…

A state of not-healthy is pervading in our household at the moment. Kevin has a bad sore throat and a temperature of 100.2, which Roshani informs me isn't actually a fever. I didn't know that -- I assumed that when it rose about 98.6, it was a fever. Apparently not. She says I don't need to worry unless it rises to 103 or higher, which is highly unlikely, because all he actually has is one of those little annoying viruses. She also informs me that both iboprofen and acetominephin (the active ingredient in Tylenol) are fever reducers, but that they're completely different drugs, and that it's good to have both in the house because for a bad fever, you can alternate them (ibuprofen, then 3-4 hours later, Tylenol, etc.), so that you don't max out as quickly on the effects of either drug. All sorts of things I didn't know.

My own not-healthiness isn't sickness, it's just injury. Yesterday, I was moving the gravy boat on a high shelf, to make room for the new casserole dish, and I reached out a little too far and the stool tilted and fell out from under me and I fell down, and I actually landed balancing on one foot and didn't even drop the gravy boat, and I probably would have been fine except that I bashed my knee on my other leg hard against the counter on the way down, cutting a nice big gash open, which hurt more than anything I can remember hurting in a long time. But after a few minutes the waves of pain receded and I stuck a bandaid on the open cut and I tried to read but ended up falling asleep on the futon for a few hours, which was probably just what my body wanted, because I felt reasonably better when I got up. If a little groggy. Today, my knee is still sore, but functional; I'll probably go to the gym and work out at some point.

No real point to this entry -- just a catalogue of injuries and illnesses. Now my breakfast (curry!) should be ready, so off I go to eat some.

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