Oh, before I go, I…

Oh, before I go, I should note that I registered www.camelotvsd.com yesterday, and I think it ought to be all propagated by now, but it's not showing up here yet, so maybe I just have to be more patient or maybe I did it wrong. I don't really want to pay $15/month for access to it; I was hoping I could somehow attach it to my current account, but then have a separate login and password for it, or possibly just for virtual ftp to it. But I'm not entirely clear on how to set that up. Jed may be able to help me later; if not, I'll probably call the nice folks at Pair and babble pathetically at them until they let me do what I want. :-)

The idea being, those of you writing these who can handle HTML and ftp, could then go in yourselves, add new entries, and tweak your earlier entries, which Karen and I have been compulsively doing, because editing makes them funnier. Like a comedian, doing the same act night after night, but getting just a little better at the pacing and the timing each time...

Anyway, will let you know if I figure out a way to do this.

6 thoughts on “Oh, before I go, I…”

  1. Poor Mary Anne — promise I won’t mail you again with tweaks. Only had brief window of time available yesterday to be compulsive.

  2. Dear King MA:

    In giddy rush to sub. 1st 2 VSDs, neglected all but cursory proofreading. Am now mortified by (to me) v. blatant errors, e.g. “pervvy”–what, extra ‘v’ = extra perv?–& whole lines missing in pt. 2! Clearly am worst. subject. ever! Wd. much appreciate tweaking option, as fear exile due to over-pestering King. Emailing corrections okay for now?

    Also: VSD style v. infectious/insidious, no longer able to write complete sentences. Even speech more terse.

    Also also: am deriving inexplicable pleasure fr. starting next entry for Perc. w/ “go me!” Suspect am in need of Professional Help.

  3. E-mailing corrections perfect for now. Completely understand desire for terseness. V. frustrated w/ grocery clerk’s desire for communication actual sentences. Busy girl! Must get home, write more funny stuff!

  4. Have taken up Terse as preferred mode of communication. V. frustrated with need to pronounce “very” in speech.

  5. Mary Anne,

    I am sorry, but to please Jed, may I do a teeny weeny tweak to my first Elaine entry? Just add a “Go me!” to the very end, after the last sentence of part one? Thanks v. much!!!



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