Good morning! New VSD’s…

Good morning! New VSD's -- Dan has done two entries for Percival (that's Pellinore's son, almost as virtuous as Galahad). Funny. Much more abbreviated style than the rest so far -- close to Wodehouse in crypticness. :-) And Karen's started doing Morgan Le Fay -- also v. funny, and especially like Bradley reference, but Scabbard 2 still my favorite.

Me, I promised Kev he could have the apartment this morning, so a bit more tea and e-mail, and then I'm off. Prob. gym followed by reading at coffeeshop, then buy groceries, come home around lunchtime.

4 thoughts on “Good morning! New VSD’s…”

  1. Was talking with Jed on phone yesterday and he pointed out that repeating joke makes it funnier. Except when was only funny-once joke. But most of these are funny-over-and-over jokes, if handled with slight care. 🙂

    Did you add those “Go me!”‘s just ’cause Jed complained about lack of them in yesterday’s journal?

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