Okay, this is a totally…

Okay, this is a totally minor thing, but it's driving me crazy, so I'm going to vent here. Some months back, I bought a bedside decanter, tall green glass, with a cup inverted over the top. A lovely thing to have by the bed when you want water in the middle of the night, yes? Just take the cup off the top, pour the water in, drink, put the cup back on top, go back to sleep. Very civilized.

While I was in California, Kevin knocked it over and broke it. No big deal -- I could just go back to Marshall Field's and pick up another one, yes? No -- they don't carry them anymore, and no one there seemed to have any idea what the brand was or where I could find one. Okay, so I figured I would just search and find a different one -- I didn't really care what it looked like, as long as it was pretty simple, and ideally in green glass. And I can't find one. I can't even find a plain glass one.

Not on Google, not on Yahoo, not on eBay. I keep getting lots of responses for decanters, but they're the type you use for wine, with a stopper, and a set of glasses. Not the kind I want at all. Anyone have any idea how I can find what I'm looking for? Very frustrating!

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  1. Carafe! I didn’t even think of the word carafe! Now I feel like a dumkopf. Shmuel, that one you found looks exactly like the one I had (though it doesn’t look as green in the photo as mine was, or as I suspect this one is in real life). Thank you both! Yay!

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