Hm…I didn’t *intend*…

Hm...I didn't *intend* to go four days without updating. Not sure what happened there.

All's been relatively quiet on the home front -- reading Robinson Crusoe for my exam, running errands, getting ready to go out of town again. I'm getting on a plane late this afternoon and going to the Bay Area for two weeks. The first week I'll be down in Mountainview with my Jedediah -- then we'll be attending Potlatch -- then I'll be staying in Oakland with David. It's not exactly a vacation, since I am lugging along a nice pile of exam books and plan to be quite busy with them during the days. But my evenings are mostly free for dinners and such, if people would like. They should drop me a note. I'll be there 2/14-2/28.

Oh, I went to the dentist. First time in four years. Teeth okay, gums not so okay. Much flossing in my future. And a thorough cleaning when I get back to Chicago. And some wisdom teeth extractions when the budget allows for them. Sigh.

I've kept going consistently to the gym -- I'm up to 45 minutes on the treadmill doing cardio workouts, and the little machine says my physical condition is now "below average." It's an improvement from "poor", so I'm trying to be happy about being below average. I hope I can keep up the cardio stuff in some form while I'm in California -- I'd hate to drop back down to poor in two weeks and have to start all over again when I get back.

Other than that -- Kev and I had a nice dinner last night, sort of a pre-V-day thingie. Ordered lots of delicious tapas, cuddled and watched sit-coms, and then we went to bed early. Really early. With candlelight. And went to sleep late. :-)

So, I have a whole passel of chores to do before I leave town, so I'd best go do them. Have a good day, my dears. Happy Valentine, from me to you!

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