It’s just a giddy sort…

It's just a giddy sort of day around here. Heather's story, her first pro sale, is up at SH today, and I'm just so pleased to be the one publishing it. It's a beautiful, subtle story. We likes it, we do.

And I already told y'all about Tim and the Nebula thingie.

And I got a message from Melcher saying that Penguin had approved The Classics Professor, whew! So just a few minor edits to do tomorrow, and then it's off to the copyeditor, yippee!

And I went to the gym and worked out for forty minutes like a good girl, and felt kind of queasy afterwards when I got home, but virtuous too.

And I started reading and commenting on Mike Jasper's The Wannoshay Cycle, which he's just finished drafting, and it is so far very cool. Which we expected, of course, but it's nice to see that expectation fulfilled.

And I finished reading another exam book, Donald Barthelme's Sixty Stories, which was full of very short, often surreal, high impact stories. My head is still reeling. Recommended to short story writers everywhere.

And speaking of short stories -- I contracted to edit another anthology today.

I don't want that to get lost in the list above. So I'll say it louder:

I sold another anthology today!

They just called me up and asked me to do it and I said yes. It's for Blowfish, it'll pay 5 cents/word, and it's erotica. I'll be putting out a call soon, but for now, short story writers interested in submitting should start thinking about how erotica/sexuality has changed in the last ten years, and how it might change in the ten years to come. This anthology is meant to celebrate Blowfish's 10th anniversary of distributing sex-related paraphernalia, and we're thinking we'll divide the book into three sections: ten years ago, today, ten years from now. So stories for the first section should have a 1990's sensibility and flavor. Stories for the middle section should just be excellent erotica, but would ideally also convey some modern 2000's flavor. And stories for the third section should project forward, to what sex will be like in ten years -- and yes, science fiction will be welcome for that section. But reasonably realistic extrapolations, please.

It's not set in stone that this will be the anthology theme -- but it seems likely. So start thinking now. And oh -- for the first section, we may take reprints published in the 1990's, if they're great stories and convey some of the appropriate flavor...

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