Yesterday I did a…

Yesterday I did a slightly longer workout, thirty-five minutes -- I'd like to work up to an hour a day. In fact, I have this pipe dream that I will work out twice a day. It's not entirely implausible; this gym is about eight short blocks away from my apartment, and there's a Starbucks about five blocks along that (thus, three blocks from the gym). I could easily go work out in the morning, go to Starbucks and get tea and read exam books for a few hours, and then go back to the gym. I have a secret desire to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or at least to be able to run up a few flights of stairs without my heart doing wild jitterbugs in my chest. (And yes, the desire to wear tummy-bearing tops and possibly even bikinis this summer may factor as well.) But I think for now, I should just be happy if I a) go back to the gym today, despite it being cold out and my feeling tired, and b) increase my workout to forty minutes. Tiny baby steps, that's me.

I did a decent chunk of exam reading yesterday -- I've got about a hundred pages left to go in this collection of short stories. So I'm going to go do that, my darlings. Will probably check in later today. Happy Monday!

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