Happy Birthday, Karen!!!…

Happy Birthday, Karen!!! Many, many happy returns of the day...

Not so much else to report here. Finished up in Utah, had lunch at Cucina with Jenn and Paul and Marcia, Paul drove me to the airport, I collapsed, exhausted, when I got back here Friday night. Yesterday, mostly watched tv, catching up on my shows. Did go to the gym for half an hour of cardio workout, where the machine told me my physical condition was poor. I knew that. Sad, though. Snippy machine. Planning to go back today, though I suspect it will feel similarly. Eventually, though, I will win its heart, I swear.

This morning, I finished reading Oroonoko, by Aphra Behn, one of my exam books. Interesting! It's a totally surreal book. Very short, too -- only sixty-five pages. So if you're looking for a short, strange, colonial slave narrative, this may be the book for you. After that, I watched the last of my recorded shows and sanded and put a first coat of paint on that second cabinet. It's drying now; I'd actually love to finish painting it today. We'll see.

Right now, tea, and then another exam book. That's pretty much the plan for the next three months -- tea and books, books and tea. It's not a bad plan at all. :-) I'm also having a strange desire to make bread, but since we're out of eggs at the moment, that one can be resisted.

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