Morning, munchkins! So,…

Morning, munchkins! So, brief update -- flew into SLC yesterday, flight slightly delayed, but no big deal. Carol met me at the airport and took me back to her place for a quick meal of salad and tortellini, before Doug picked me up and took me to an HGCC (this is the humanities graduate conference I worked on last year) meeting. I was just planning on being there in an advisory capacity, but somehow I think I may have been roped into putting together the post-conference journal of presented papers (which we'll issue on CD-ROM). I'm not entirely sure, but I think this might actually count as editing a refereed publication, academically speaking. Which would be a nice little item to add to the CV. We'll see... In any case, was lovely seeing Paul and Deb and Liz and Michelle and James and Bret and, of course, Doug again -- the whole conference gang, plus a few new faces. Good start to the visit!

Came back to Carol's and crashed. Woke up early-ish, got dressed, and took the bus to campus. Oh, how familiar that felt. It's beautiful here in the early morning -- thick white snow coating the campus, bright sun rising in a clear blue sky. Winter in Chicago doesn't look like this very often.

Going to go bury myself in books now, preparing for my 12:30 meeting with the intimidating Kathryn Stockton. Hopefully it'll go well. I'm dubious, though -- I'm probably the least prepared for her, of all my committee members, since I've been rather avoiding doing the reading in her period (18th/19th century). We'll see how it goes.

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