Too tired to do much of…

Too tired to do much of an entry, but three brief notes:

  • Loren MacLeod's "Giselle", from Wet: More Aqua Erotica, will be receiving an Honorable Mention in the next Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Yay!

  • My cabinet came out pretty! Here's a before and after shot, so you can see the difference in color; not so different, but I like the new color much better than white. It took two coats, and I'm happy with the result. Just one question -- am I supposed to cover the paint with some kind of sealer? I like the way it looks right now, but I'm a little worried that if I put a wet glass down on the surface, the paint will discolor. Thoughts?

  • Had a fun time playing with Jeremiah last night, drive up and down to Madison went smoothly, good conversations with Karen and Par. Nice time! Isn't he adorable in my glasses?

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