Ooh, tired. Lots of…

Ooh, tired. Lots of edits today. Reasonably happy with how far I got today, although there was more to do than I realized this morning. If I get up first thing tomorrow morning and do a chunk o' work, I should be done soonish, and able to get to the exam stuff in a not-insane amount of time. We hope. I'm going to finish reading a Tiptree story tonight, and then go to bed, I think. Doing six loads of laundry really takes it out of you, somehow, even if you don't actually hang your sweetie's shirts up (they're draped over my rocking chair).

I somehow oddly feel like chatting with y'all, but I have absolutely nothing to say. Just tired, I think. Hello, out there! Hope you had a good Monday. Hope you did some work, talked to a friend, watched some tv, read a little. That's pretty much what I did today. It was good. I am struck, once again, by how tremendously lucky I am in my life. Knock on wood. Knocking hard.

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