Yes, I’m posting a lot. …

Yes, I'm posting a lot. That's because it's still early, and Kevin and Mirna are still in bed (okay, Kev's showering, but basically, he might as well be in bed, since he's not out here talking to me), and I've been reading, but even the fabulous stories in Conjunctions 39 are not quite enough to distract me from my sniffly nose. I've taken some DayQuil, but this cold (which has morphed its form in the last day, giving me a brief illusion of being gone before cruelly shifting from a sore throat to a dripping nose and aching head and slightly queasy tummy) is kicking my butt. Once Mirna gets up, I can go into that room and get my clothes and run out and get vegetable oil, which we're out of, and then I can start cooking, which requires very little brain, especially when I'm making curries, like today.

I forgot to tell you some news -- I got a proof copy of Kathryn in the City yesterday! Very exciting! I admit, I'm not entirely thrilled with the cover; it's fine, but a little dull to my eyes. I can live with that, though. The interior design is all beautiful, and the book feels good in my hands; it's a nice size and shape. And it's a book, a real book. In some sense, my first...umm...well, it's not a novel, not really. I don't know what to call it. But it's definitely not a collection of short stories and poems, like Torn Shapes was, and there's some sense in which it feels like a step forward -- like this is my first real book. It's certainly my longest single piece of writing thus far, whether you want to call it a novel or not. Not that it's that long -- at 62,000 words, it's just barely novel-length. But long enough. Yay!

Okie, Kevin's out of the shower, so I can go pester him now for a bit, before he runs off to his go thingie. And then maybe I'll make a coconut sambol -- that doesn't require any oil. And maybe by then Mirna will be up. We'll see.

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