I wish to officially…

I wish to officially state that this week, I am not Really Busy. Both Jed and Karen recently said that they were thinking of calling me, but weren't sure if I was too busy, and it's true that when I'm on deadline, I might be too busy, but then I just ignore the phone anyway, and in any case, I'm not that kind of busy this week. I have some new stuff to write today, which should take about an hour at some point, and some edits to do, also about an hour's worth. I expect the rest of the week to be similar -- a couple of hours of computer work each day, plus lots of reading. And some goofing around with my sister; we may go shopping tomorrow, for example. And I just can't read for twelve hours at a stretch; I don't remember anything when I do that. So I read for half an hour, then I get up and do something (like dishes, or calling Roshani, or whatever). Repeat, ad infinitum. So it's actually a really good week to call me to just chat, if you're the kind of friend who does that kind of thing.

But not tonight, 'cause I'll be having a dinner party starting around 6:30. :-)

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