Okay, so I think I’ve…

Okay, so I think I've actually managed to untangle and rearrange all the threads of this book. A tip to anyone else who ever write a choose-your-own-adventure-type book -- don't try to jump around in the pages when you're drafting -- just write the paths linearly. You can deal with the layout when you're done with drafting, and it'll be oh, so much easier to handle edits and rearrangements of plot chunks if you keep it basically linear the first time through.

I took a break yesterday afternoon; Roshani took me (as a belated Christmas present) to go see Maid in Manhattan, which was even more charming than I expected it to be. Cute chick flick. We approve.

I took a shorter break today to organize my Tiptree reading. I'm not as far behind as I thought -- I've read all the novels that we're seriously considering at this stage -- it's just a bunch of short stories that I'm behind on. I can knock that out in an afternoon! Of course, I don't have copies of a bunch of them...

A bowl of soup (still fighting this icky cold, though at least a hefty dose of NyQuil let me get a solid night's sleep for a change (it felt solid to me, anyway -- Kevin says I was coughing and tossing and turning all night)), and then I need to draft new material. Having a hard time focusing. But will persevere. Must. Finish. Third. Draft!

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