I’m a little sick. Sore…

I'm a little sick. Sore throat, phlegm. Not a big deal, as long as it doesn't get worse. Here's hoping.

Plan for today: Roshani's coming by to hang out here and work. I need to finish up a path and send it off to Duncan for structural approval. Do that by lunchtime ideally. Might be a little harder to manage by then because I've got an appointment at 10 to go downstairs and let the nice man wash and color my hair. Yes, I can do it myself and usually do, but it's so pleasant having someone else do it. Mmm.... A little treat to help me get through the week. After that, then checking the structure of the whole thing, and if that pans out, then I think maybe line edits, followed by an overall check for pacing, smoothness, insertion of extra scenes, etc. It's starting to feel like I might actually finish this thing. We'll see.

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