Okay, today I shift into…

Okay, today I shift into serious mode on these revisions. I was a little sick and a lot exhausted and definitely somewhat homesick when I got back here; I really needed a few days to recover. But now Duncan's basically approved those ten pages, so in the next six days, I get to revise the whole book. Woohoo. Today, I'm working on what I think of as storyline b, I think, the one where he really gets entangled with the classics professor, and they play all sorts of power games. I need to make it much more of a tease, with more back and forth, less sexual consummation and more desire, passion, craziness. Should be fun. I also need to spend some time on description, giving the readers a better sense of both the college campus and Wendy's fabulous Riverside apartment. Would be great if I could finish the revisions to that storyline today, but I suspect it's a two-day job. We'll see.

I did want to make a quick pass at New Year's resolutions before we got too far away from the actual start of the year. So here goes:

  • Lose five more pounds, getting down to 135. Ten would be nice, but five by the end of the month, one way or another.
  • Exercise more. Dance classes start a new session on Monday. If I don't go regularly to those, sign up with a gym and go regularly to that. Or at the very least, exercise every morning at home.
  • Clear all credit card debt. Try to never carry over a balance on a credit card again.
  • Finish the damned exam reading on time, and pass my exams. Ideally with flying colors.
Actually, that's about it for things I really suck at and need to make extra effort in order to change. The rest of the resolutions are more about being sure to keep doing what I'm doing. Being honest and open and fair with Kevin. Eating healthy foods. Continuing to write and edit and publish SH, raising my standards a little higher with each passing year. Staying in touch with family and friends. Staying centered in myself -- making time to relax and not get too frazzled. The last year has been pretty good for all of that; it's just a question of keeping it up. :-)

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