Despite my lack of sleep…

Despite my lack of sleep yesterday, I seemed to be in what David calls "go-mode" -- like a little Energizer bunny, I just kept going and going until I forced myself to go to bed, around midnight. Where I promptly fell asleep, crashed hard and slept a nice, solid eight hours. Yay!

I only got about ten pages of Classics revised yesterday, but they were the critically important first ten pages. I've asked Duncan to look at them, and I'm going to hold off on doing more revisions, at least until mid-day today, in the hopes that he'll get back to me with comments. I want to nail these down, so I know what style I should be working in. Once that's settled, I think the rest will come pretty easily and quickly.

Today is a bit social. Two of my cousins are coming by for lunch. The menu:

  • broccoli and cheddar quiche
  • peppered pears and gorgonzola over fried sage leaves
  • capellini, sun-dried tomato, and leek timbales
  • spinach-orange salad
  • chili cornmeal muffins
About two hours of cooking, so I can start it at ten -- but I'm up, so I'll start prepping earlier, and clean and watch tv in between. I spent a good chunk of yesterday evening scrubbing one bathroom -- this morning, I get to do the other, woohoo. And our bedroom. But the rest of the house is beautifully clean, and it pleases me.

Kevin's flight arrives at Midway at 2. He'll be home by 3. Yay!

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