I went to bed at 2 a.m….

I went to bed at 2 a.m. or so. I think. I had trouble falling asleep, slept lightly, and then woke up at 6 a.m., wide awake. I staggered out of bed, showered, and then watched a Buffy re-run, "Prophecy Girl." Thank god for Tivo. Despite the fact that the heat in the apartment is set to 70, I was freezing -- wrapped in a flannel robe and blanket and still cold. Now I'm finally semi-dressed, in what passes for clothing when I'm working at home. Today it's a clingy sweater (warmer than a loose one) and fleece pyjamas and socks. I'm still cold. This is probably in part because my hair is still damp. But maybe I should turn up the heat. I'm too tired to think clearly on this subject.

I did a lot of shopping yesterday. Bought lamps and end tables for the tv room -- there's finally enough light in there. Went square dancing and then grocery shopping -- came home with not just groceries, but plants. Several of my herbs (which were struggling anyway on my sunless windowsill) died while I was away (a week and a half without water isn't so good for them). The lemon balm is going strong, and I think the oregano may make it. I bought new parsley, but I replaced the others with:

  • a robust ivy
  • a peace lily (mostly sturdy green stuff)
  • a pot of tiny blooming daffodils (or daffy-down-dillies, as they used to be called in medieval times)
  • a pot of tiny iris shoots, which will hopefully turn into tiny irises, fingers crossed
All of these plants claim to actually want indirect light, so hopefully they'll be happier than the poor herbs were. Right now, they look lovely and cheerful, and just glancing up at the little yellow daffy-down-dillies is making me feel better. I also got some cut flowers, mixed white and red tulips. It's still clearly winter in Chicago, but there's a bit of spring in my apartment. It makes me happy.

Must. Have. Tea.

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