I suppose it’s possible…

I suppose it's possible that my erratic sleeping is due in part to the fact that I started dieting yesterday. I ate: one high-fat yogurt (usually I buy nonfat, but there was one of Kevin's Yoplait custard-style yogurts left in the house because I bought him a banana one by mistake, forgetting he doesn't like bananas much), 1/3 c. rice (that's dry, not sure what it comes to once cooked), a goodly amount of creamy fish curry to go with the rice, four cups of tea (which I'm also not used to, since I didn't have much while travelling, so that might have something to do with sleep problems), and three cups of punch (at dancing). I wasn't hungry yesterday, but I'm definitely hungry now. I'm going to try to do the yogurt for lunch, rice and curry for dinner thing again today, though. We'll see how the willpower holds up. The holidays only managed to sneak one extra pound onto me (despite my mother's cooking), but I want that pound gone, gone, gone. Like now.

Have I mentioned how much satisfaction I take in machinery? Especially machinery that keeps going all by itself? I took five minutes to load the dishwasher, and now it'll work for a good hour for me, sudsing and rinsing and drying. Soon I'll go make the washing machine work for me too -- we need sheets and towels and travel clothes washed. And then the dryer. Machines in harmony with man; ah, it's a brave, beautiful new world!

I may be a little punchy from lack of sleep.

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