Jed, could you post…

Jed, could you post today's Poet section, please? I'm having some trouble logging on from home. (I'm at my sister's at the moment, using her roommate's DSL, but don't have my laptop -- it's complicated.)

Otherwise, all good. I ended up staying up 'til 3:30 playing Sims -- evil, evil Sims. Woke up around 9:30, tea with Yuko, chatting, lunch at Pongsri (Thai) with Yuko, and then more Sims. Around 3, dragged myself away from the Sims long enough to go downtown to explore possibility of using the Graduate Center as location for new project. Talked to very helpful guy named Colin -- people seem surprisingly willing to take time out of busy days to help writers do research. Much appreciated. Afterwards, walked back from 30th and 5th Ave. to Alex's place (48th and Broadway), taking digital photos and getting a feel for the area, in case it does end up being used, which is unclear at the moment. Passed the NY public library and had a moment of intense nostalgia for various children's books that take place there, most notably parts of Diane Duane's So You Want to Be A Wizard. :-)

Came back to Alex's, packed hurriedly, ate more Thai food 'cause you can't have enough of it, took cab to Penn Station, played Sims on the train all the way to CT. Arrived around 9:30, picked up by Sharmi (youngest sister, starting med school this year, astonishingly), went home and hung out with family. Watched Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, which was often clever, but ultimately not so satisfying. I haven't read the book, but I suspect it's better.

Today, got up late, went shopping with Sharmi for my young cousins -- bought many books. Had much fun choosing them. Got:

  • for Shantha (18) -- I Capture the Castle (Smith), Weetzie Bat, Witch Baby (Block)
  • for Pradheep (16) -- The Bad Beginning (Snickett)
  • for Dharshini (15) -- Spindle's End and The Hero and the Crown (McKinley)
  • for Senthil (15) -- Artemis Fowl, (blanking on author's name)
  • for Shalini (13) -- Alanna, books 1 & 2 (Pierce)
I don't know if they'll like 'em, but I certainly did. :-) With any luck, they'll read each others' books too...

Now I'm at Sharmi's, waiting for her to finish getting ready. Then we'll run back to my parents' house, where I'll get ready, and then we'll go to my aunt's house for much curry. Excessive amounts of curry. Mmm.... Not sure if we're opening presents late tonight or early tomorrow. We'll see. I still have to wrap the books and my mother's gift. Yay, presents!!!

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