Okie, quick catch-up. …

Okie, quick catch-up. Saturday -- got up, lounged about for hours, had crepes at a place whose name I can't remember (ah, the perils of waiting a day to update). Good, though. Went to beauty salon (Oasis) with Yuko and had my eyebrows waxed! Very strange experience. Not sure I can tell the difference aftewards, to be honest. Met up with Alex at a Borders, hung out a bit. Walked around in Soho, looking at shoes. Ended up buying shoes at Saks (the most expensive shoes I've ever bought, actually, which is a little nerve-wracking -- bronze sandals to wear with a sari at this wedding I'm going to -- they look gorgeous, but I'd never have bought them without Yuko's encouragement). Went back to Alex's, hung out, eventually had Thai dinner across the street at Pongsri. I don't recommend their jungle curry -- more like soup. Everything else was very good, though. Came back afterwards and talked 'til moderately late but not too late, so no good excuse for sleeping until 11. Must have been more tired than I thought.

Today, lounged around, went to Tea & Sympathy around 2 for delectable cream scones with clotted cream and jam. (Did lots of sit-ups last night and this morning for fear of sari-wearing, but I'm not sure they'll be able to counter all the yummy food.) Also had bits of Alex's sardines on toast and Yuko's toad-in-the-hole. Walked around the Village. Walked and walked and walked until finally ended up at Borders again. Had chai and paged through decorating magazines (I keep having ideas for our bedroom wall -- paint it distressed silver. No, cover it in silver paper. No, hang silver fabric (favorite choice, but probably too expensive). Kevin isn't going to let me do any of these, I fear -- he seems unaccountably unexcited by the prospect of a silver wall.) Around 8-ish, met up with Anand and Mala (old old friends) for Turkish food at Sahara, very tasty. Nice dinner, followed by port at Anand's apartment, then coming home. And now Yuko and Alex are in bed, but I'm wide awake, due to the late sleeping this morning. Maybe play Sims, maybe read, maybe try to sleep. We'll see.

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