Yes, I know I’m behind…

Yes, I know I'm behind with my little story. But a) the new book is due today, and b) I went to see The Two Towers at the midnight showing last night -- which means I got home around 4-ish, which means I just woke up. With about 5000 words left to write. So little story come back soon, I promise, but maybe not today. Kevin is also being dilatory about getting me math stuff. Soon, though.

Loved the movie, btw. Stayed wide awake the whole time despite being very very tired. Only complaint is that they sort of invented a little bit of stuff to make there be more romantic tension, which I don't approve of. But that's Hollywood for you -- it could have been much worse.

Loved Gollum. Gollum gollum gollum.

Also possibly in love with Aragorn. May have to leave Kevin for him. We'll see.

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