Oof. My editor gave me…

Oof. My editor gave me an extension to tomorrow. Which is good, because I have absolutely no brain today. None. I am focusing on tasks which require little to no brain..

I have managed to wrap presents for Kevin, Karina, my father, Jed, and Tot. I have failed to wrap my mother's present, because it is too big and I have no box for it -- I will take it back to my folks' house unwrapped, and my middle sister will capably find a way to wrap it. She's very good at that. I will soon wrap a very small present for Karen and Par, ditto each of my sisters. I'll go to the Mailboxes Etc. and mail Jed's and the Meisners' and Karina's presents. Once Kevin gets up, I will pester him for the relevant math stuff, and then I think I'm going to spend some time finishing up The Poet and the Mathematician (you would think writing that would require a brain, but it seems to come from some part my head that doesn't involving thinking, oddly enough), which I may actually manage to lay out and get to Kinko's before I leave town (on Friday). I might even mail copies to a few people. That's entirely unclear. If I get too tired to think about anything else, I may try on clothes and pile them up ready for packing. That doesn't take much brain at all.

I've been semi-organized this Christmas -- not as much as I'd like, but not as little as I could have been. At least the Christmas cards went out on time. Given the massive unexpected project I took on, I figure that's as much of a triumph as I could have hoped for. :-)

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