First off, big…

First off, big congratulations to Tim and Heather on their formal engagement! Woohoo!

Secondly, big congratulations to Heather on selling a story to Strange Horizons! I knew she'd do it. :-)

Thirdly, oh, I have a lot to do. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to do it. I got a call from my editor yesterday while I was out shopping (Thanksgiving weekend sales, new dark red fleece pyjamas for $17, what a score! also, knee-length lace-up brown suede boots, not cheap at $50, but normally very difficult to find lace-up long boots (which I need because my calves are hugely muscled for some odd reason and I can't fit into normal pull-up long boots), and $30 off the normal price, so a decent score too), apparently about what direction he wants the new project to go in, and asking me to call him today, but Kevin lost the number. Eep. So I sent him an e-mail, and hopefully he'll call back, but until he does, I can't work on the new project. Sigh.

There is *plenty* of other stuff to work on, though. There's SH art stuff. There's SH fund drive stuff -- because yes, it's time for the December fund drive. I'll be talking about that more soon. There's SH reading, because I've fallen a little behind somehow (usually I try to read the whole magazine at least a week ahead in galleys). There's Don Quixote, which is an enjoyable, fast read, but nonetheless very long. There's revisions on Kathryn -- two of my readers have sent me revision comments, and have actually found some logic problems, dangit. Glad they found them, though. I have enough to keep me occupied for days.

And, of course, I got sick last night. Nice time at dinner, but by the time we were heading home, I was woozy and cold and coughing. Thoroughly miserable. Kevin put me to bed and was soothing until I fell asleep. Good Kevin. I'm feeling somewhat better now -- enough to work, at any rate. But not well, and I suspect I won't be well anytime soon. Ah well -- as predicted. Maybe I'll send Kevin out for orange juice at some point today. At least I have my new fleece pyjamas to comfort me. :-)

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