Morning, muchkins? …

Morning, muchkins? Sleep well?

I slept like a log, thankfully, though with intense dreams. I think I'm getting obsessed with Sri Lanka, what with the dissertation stories and all. I dreamed about Kevin and me uncovering something critically important in Sri Lanka, in the jungle, I think, and then somehow I convinced an entire anthropology department's grad student population to join us immediately in flying to Sri Lanka. I was worried the professors would be mad at us -- so were the other grad students, but they agreed that it was the right thing to do, that we had no choice. I woke up when we were at the store, trying to equip ourselves for the trip. They didn't believe they'd need a heavy sweater and a jacket.

I'm not even going to try interpreting that one. If you feel inclined to, please feel free.

Hit 41500 words last night -- I'm planning on just sitting down this morning and finishing the rest. No tv breaks, no getting caught up in art stuff (I did a lot of both yesterday). If I'm good, I can finish the draft by lunchtime. If I do that, I get to go to the art store and pick up some stuff, then come home and maybe futz with some revisions before sending it off to Duncan.

The current plan is to get up early on Thursday (Karen, I think I might try to leave by 6:30 to beat the commuter traffic, so I might get to Madison as early as 9:30, sorry) to go to World Fantasy. Which leaves me all of tomorrow for anything that doesn't get done today. The list is getting kind of long, though. Here's what's left to do before I go:

  • critique Beth's story
  • revise "Savitha" and send it off
  • do the November art gallery for SH
  • write an editorial for SH, if I can come up with a topic (anything you want to see me rant about? Please let me know...)
  • finish all art and pack it up properly in my car
  • lay out the Broad Universe programs and print them at Kinko's
  • print SH flyers at Kinko's
  • pack SH t-shirts and mugs and posters in the car
  • figure out if we're doing a tea party for SH at World Fantasy, and if so, whether anything needs to be done for it
  • buy snacks and liquids for the road
  • maybe buy a cooler?
  • maybe make curry buns?
  • choose clothes and pack them
  • buy a plug thingie so I can charge my cell phone in the car
I think there's actually plenty of time tomorrow to do all that. I might even get a start on some of it this evening. Though Kevin gets back from his trip around 6-ish, so maybe not so much.

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