Around 4100 words, and…

Around 4100 words, and the main romantic storyline is technically finished off -- though I'm really short a fork, and it wouldn't hurt to develop the love story part a little more. But I'm getting tight on space, so I'm going to try to finish the other storylines first, which is almost certainly going to take me over the word limits anyway, and when that's done, I can worry about the romantic one again. I'm not really sure how hard and fast the 45000 limit is -- it may be that they don't mind my going over a bit, or it may be that they make me hew to it pretty damn closely. We'll see.

I actually really enjoyed finishing off the romantic line -- there were two main branches, the one where she makes good choices and gets rewarded, and the one where she makes bad choices and gets punished. With branchings. The bad choices were a lot of fun to write, but I actually think in the end, I had the most fun writing her happy ending. I'm a big mushball, and apparently that wins out over my wicked streak.

I think I want to work a little more tonight, but I'm waffling between the sex party / lesbian / SM club path (those aren't all the same choice, btw...just along the same path), and the threesome with the bisexual male couple path. I'm more intrigued by the latter, but maybe I should save it for a reward for tomorrow? To give her another happy ending, a really yummy one? She's already avoided the big problems on that path, so it's mostly smooth sailing from here. She still has a lot of potential trouble on the party path...really, the question is whether I feel wicked tonight.

Do you feel wicked tonight?


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