Jeez, I woke up at 11…

Jeez, I woke up at 11 today. Even granting that I didn't get to sleep 'til 1, that's just ridiculous. I am still a sick puppy, and starting to get annoyed by it. But since it's the kind of illness that doesn't actually make me slow down, I'll probably keep being a sick puppy for a while. I'm going to my square dance lesson tonight, for example. :-)

Had a pleasant day yesterday; cooked a fancy stew recipe in the morning (maybe an hour and a half of chopping and sauteing and such, followed by three hours of simmering), which Kevin says came out well. I haven't had a chance to taste it, because we ended up eating leftover Giordano's pizza for lunch (yum) and then Kam and I headed down to Hyde Park. We took a tour of Robie House (a Frank Lloyd Wright house in the midst of reconstruction -- fascinating), and then I gave her a mini-tour of the U of C, walking her to all my favorite places. We eventually toodled off to the Oriental Institute museum, and I got tired and ended up sitting down and reading for a while (Reef, by Romesh Gunesekera, for exam list). When Kam was done looking around, we ducked into 57th Street Books, where I nobly resisted temptation and only bought three books (but the sixth Wizardry book is out in hardcover now, and I strongly suspect I'm going to spend some time sitting in there and reading it). Then dinner at Medici, where I discovered that the Himbeersaft float isn't quite as good as I remember (did they used to make it with ice cream instead of sorbet?) but that the Cajun burger is really excellent. And the onion rings were yummy, though I felt guilty while eating them. Between that and the pizza recently, I've totally abandoned my healthy eating habits. Must get back to them soon.

After that, I dragged poor Kam to the first Skiffy meeting of the year (U of C sci-fi club). Fun. Organizational stuff, followed by playing Illuminati. Home again home again afterwards (look at all the driving, yay me) to watch the new Enterprise. And that's all, I thinks.

Very little work done yesterday. Today, must read. Finish Reef, and ideally read something else on the exam list too. We'll see how it goes. Kam's leaving in mid-afternoon, so I might squeeze in one more Scrabble game before she goes...

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