I’ve gotten two envious…

I've gotten two envious e-mails from people who would've liked to make banana bread and couldn't that day, so I'll just note that I cooked mine too long and it came out a bit dry. So you weren't missing so much, truly.

That seems to be a theme for the week -- I also cooked dinner too long last night, so that the chicken got dry and the veggies got mushy. I think when I'm sick, I still know how to flavor things and all, but I just don't have the attention to time things properly. Especially when I'm making up the recipes, like I was last night. The banana bread wasn't really my fault -- it was supposed to bake for an hour, and it was too dry after 50 minutes, so we can blame our oven for that. But still.

I did manage to get halfway through the CYO yesterday afternoon, hooray! It's now at 22,448 words, which is close enough to 22,500 to make me happy, and presumably to make New York happy too. I might actually write one or two more scenes this morning, to tie up one of the hanging plot lines; it worries me a little that halfway through the book I still have left: half of one plot line, three-quarters of another plot line, and an entire final plot line. But I *think* it's okay; I think they all start wrapping up pretty quickly at this point. Or at least the first two do. The third has a fair bit of romantic stuff that needs at least a little build-up. Well, we'll see -- I'll write what I write, and if I have to cut after that, I will. Somehow.

Kam arrived around 8-ish; we finished cooking and then ate while watching the new Charmed. She'd never seen the show before, and was a bit startled by how goofy it was. Very patient of her to sit through it, though. Afterwards...we just hung out, I guess. Managed to stay up chatting until 11:30, at which point both Kevin and I collapsed from exhaustion (luckily, we managed to make it to bed, rather than passing out on the living room floor). I think Kam was up for a while after that, but I'm not sure..

Plan for today: work in the morning. In the afternoon, do something cool -- it's supposed to be a high of 89 today, oddly enough. We were getting crisp fall weather for a while, but we get a day or two of heat right now. We're thinking either wander around the air-conditioned Art Institute or do the breezy architectural boat ride, I think. Possibly see a movie in the evening, especially if I can convince her to see the new Miyazaki. Maybe do some cooking; there's a slightly elaborate recipe I was wanting to make, and it makes enough food that it's better if I can serve it to multiple people. :-) Not that I'm sure I can trust myself in the kitchen...

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