Kevin owns this condo we…

Kevin owns this condo we live in. This is mostly a good thing, I think -- it means we can at least contemplate painting the walls, or changing the truly horrible white plastic counters, without worrying about landlords and such. Mostly, we're pretty used to grown-up living, and it's nice to be able to just live, without anyone else interfering. But every once in a while, we run into a domestic problem that we're not sure how to solve, and that's when I really miss a landlord whom I can just call up and say, "Fix this!" Of course, I got spoiled by three years in Salt Lake City with Michael, the landlord who also lived next door and owned the art gallery on the corner. He had occasional faults, but generally he was astonishingly efficient about fixing things. And he was fun to talk to, about art and such. What I really ought to do is think back to some of our landlords in Philly or Hyde Park. There were some horror stories there, which have now mercifully been lost in the mists of time...

Which all avoids the point that I don't know what to do with our garbage disposal. It's stopped working, and our best guess from looking under the sink is that some wires maybe got pulled loose while we were grabbing garbage bags or cleanser at some point? We're not sure. We don't really want to go poking around with it. It doesn't seem so safe to just leave it. And so we're confused -- who fixes garbage disposals? Is this a job for a plumber? It wasn't such a good garbage disposal in any case -- if we wanted to replace it, is that something we could do ourselves, or should we hire someone? And again, if so, who?

Kevin and I do okay with putting together furniture, hanging pictures, even screwing in doorstops. But we're at a bit of a loss when it comes to plumbing and electrical issues.


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