And of course, after all…

And of course, after all that, I thought maybe I ought to run a web search on how to install a garbage disposal. And found detailed and kindly instructions on what looks like a longish but reasonably straightforward process. I love the net with a deep and abiding passion. Now we just have to figure out if we're manly enough to attempt this job. It looks like it'll take at least a few tools we don't own -- I'm always pleased by a reason to buy more tools. I was just rejoicing the other day (while watching Trading Spaces) in our relatively new ownership of a drill and a staple gun. Another excuse to go to Home Depot! :-)

I really feel like doing little errands today. I need to swing by Paper Source and buy some materials to use for Debbie's wedding presents. I could drive -- but that seems sort of silly when it's right on the Brown line (we're half a block from the subway on this end). On the other hand, I do need to cut down these glass tabletops, and that's a driving errand, since I need the car to transport the big glass pieces. So I could combine them. Of course, I'm not sure there's any parking around Paper Source... This whole car ownership thing is confusing.

I could also just stay home and write. By the end of the week, I want to have another five thousand words on the CYO book. In theory, that's only five hours of work (I write about a thousand words an hour, on average). Plus some thinking time. Plus time to re-read the whole thing so far, because there's enough different branches that it's getting tricky keeping track of information -- remembering what's been revealed in which branch, at which point, if that makes sense. To work on this, I need to be able to hold the whole thing in my head, pretty much -- which is making me grateful that it's only going to be 45,000 words when it's done. If it were a much longer book, I'd be in trouble, I think.

Absolutely no desire to write. Errands instead. Maybe writing this afternoon?

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