Started reading Hiromi…

Started reading Hiromi Goto's The Kappa Child, an odd combination of Little House on the Prairie, magical realism, pregnancy, a highly-dysfunctional family, and a bunch more stuff. Fascinating. (Susan, I think you might really like this.) Stylistically a bit challenging; I have to pay a lot of attention. But rewarding too.

Yesterday I mostly worked on e-mail stuff (this morning too -- I'm down to 4 messages!) that had gotten piled up. Played a little Civ, had dinner with friends, went to a party in the evening at Thida's (sadly, new baby was asleep by the time we got there) in Mountainview. Which means that I'm back down at Jed's now; we've been working online all morning, but I think will shortly shower and head out to a cafe to try to get some writing done. Well, I'll do writing -- Jed will do fiction editing. It's almost the same thing.

Okay, not even close.

Sleepy. It's Sunday. Want to just stay in bed. But no.

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