Hey, munchkins. Just a…

Hey, munchkins. Just a quick check-in before bed. Good day today -- got up and did some e-mail work, reasonably caught up. Had tea with M'ris, caught up there too. (Such as it is, given that we both keep online journals -- still, there's stuff that doesn't make it into the journal. :-) Went up to Berkeley, stopped at Other Change of Hobbit (and bought a trade paperback of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, among others). Had lunch at Panini, which was good, but not what I was hoping for -- the last few times I've been there, they haven't had their sandwiches with chutney, which is what I like best, on that seeded bread. If they continue not to have it, I may have to find a new favorite lunch place in Berkeley, which would be sad.

Then I went to Cafe Elodie, got some chai, settled down (around 12:30ish?) and wrote until 3:30 on the CYO story. Yay, me. Finished one of the twelve endings. I'm supposed to do half of them by mid-October; I'm aiming for end of September, just 'cause. We'll see. So far, Kathryn's decided she really likes being a stripper at the Lusty Lady, that that's going to be a fine profession for her in S.F. One version of Kathryn did, anyway.

After that, Naomi Black (from Broad Universe) stopped by to chat for a while. Good conversation, joined by Debbie Notkin around 5-ish. We kvetched some about old farts in the field who drive us crazy; I'll refrain from naming names, but one in particular was bugging the heck out of me at WorldCon, and if you ask me nicely in person, I'll likely rant all about it. I haven't been treated as young, stupid, and female in quite some time. And at least I was younger, the last time. They had a little more excuse.

Debbie and I then went over to the Indian neighborhood to buy some sari fabric. $20 a yard (I'm sure my mom wouldn't have paid more than $15, sigh), but just gorgeous stuff; I bought many yards of it, to be used for small books. She commissioned me to make two sets of two books each (for two weddings), and I'm looking forward to working on them when I get back to Chicago. Fun! The fabrics really are stunning, all embroidered with gold thread. Lush.

Picked up a samosa and one for David, then came home on BART. David picked me up at BART, and then we had dinner (more curry, yum) and then we played Civ. Separately, I should note -- I'm giving David a chance to learn the game before we play head-to-head. Tomorrow's pretty busy, but Sunday, I take him down. :-)

(I should note that David has been immersed in military history for forever, so my chances are probably actually quite slim.)

In the midst of all that, I also read most of Lorrie Moore's collection, Like Life. I suspect I won't remember much of the stories afterwards, but I'm enjoying them while I read it. I'm on the last one, so I'm going to go finish it before bed. G'night!

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