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I might have a collaborator; Kate and I spent a good portion of yesterday brainstorming a shared story (possibly as long as a novella). I like her writing style and the way she thinks; I think this could be a fertile collaboration. On the other hand, I'm a lazy bum, so who knows if this'll ever get off the ground? But it sure sounds like a good idea...

Yummy Thai food for dinner, but starting soonest, have to get back to normal eating habits. I'm a little scared to step on a scale right now. Luckily, neither Jed nor David has one. I think.

I think I'm going to just assume I can talk about the new book project, since Melcher hasn't told me otherwise, and it's getting harder and harder not to, as I start working on it. It's an erotic Choose Your Own Adventure, sort of a sexy, literary spoof in concept. My protagonist (currently named Katherine) is a nice Midwestern girl who dumps her boring-in-bed fiance and moves to San Francisco to see what life's like in the big city (and yes, I'll probably have to dedicate this one to Heather :-). She gets into all sorts of trouble. So far, I've written the first twenty pages or so for the proposal; I think there's going to be some major revamping, though, to satisfy the publisher's (Penguin/Putnam, I think) desires.

This CYO book is surprisingly (to me) structured. Melcher sent along a series bible -- this is meant to be the first in a series, and they want everything reasonably consistent. Which means I get instructions like this:

"The spine of the book is the central relationship between the readerprotagonist and one love objectantagonist. Think through all the possibilities inherent in this so-called spine relationship. Imagine three different outcomes to the relationship. Plot out three stories predicated on the common beginning..."

"Within the first 7,500 words of the story there should be story forks that send the reader down three entirely different non-linking paths...Each of the three major story branches, then, should have four stems, where the reader is invited to make discrete decisions affecting the way a particular line plays out. As with the major storylines, these four smaller forks should diverge completely and not meet again..."

"60% of the total prose in the book should be sex scenes, ranging from kissing to humping and beyond...."

And so on. This is going to be interesting, that all I can say...

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