I’m having trouble…

I'm having trouble settling down to work -- I just want to babble at people about WorldCon and the Hugos and all. I have two things to do today -- finish the SH staff gallery (which will be going up late, yes), and start looking at the CYO book, figuring out how much work it'll be and when I'll do it. But before that, more WorldCon:

This was actually the first convention I've been to in years when I wasn't mostly attending panels. I was on two panels a day, which took up three hours, and I attended one other panel during the convention. That's it. I'm honestly not sure where the rest of the time went, but I sure felt like I was busy throughout. Lots of sitting around and just talking to people. I got to know several of the SH authors better, like Ben Rosenbaum and Jay Lake. That was great -- I have to say, I think SH authors are, on average, more intelligent, articulate, and attractive than the average person I meet. :-) I would've happily just talked to them (and our staff) all convention.

I did have to talk to other people, of course. There was lots of good-luck-wishing with other Hugo nominees, many of whose work I really enjoy. This was also the first convention where I had a publisher meeting -- I spent an hour talking to an editor from Penguin Putnam / Roc, mostly about erotica (I'm supposed to send her a proposal for an erotic cookbook anthology -- umm...I'm not sure how to explain that one, but I'll let y'all know if they buy it, of course). She wanted to pick my brain about the field in general; we decided that an area that was really lacking was literary erotic novels, especially with a bondage / kink edge to them. Penguin Putnam is looking to expand their erotica line, so perhaps they'll head in that direction -- we'll see. She also said that if SH does an anthology with a small press now, it won't hurt our chances of selling a bigger anthology to a NY publisher in a few years, when we have a broader reputation. Good to know. In the next few weeks, I plan to make a decision on which press to use for the SH POD anthology, and get that actually moving.

I also very briefly met the editor at Warner who'll be deciding about that Asian sf anthology -- maybe now I can drop her a note without seeming invasive and impatient. Though I am impatient. :-)

Stories! Books! Conventions can be very productive sometimes...

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