Well, I’d planned on…

Well, I'd planned on finishing up the SH staff gallery today and sneaking it up surreptitiously, but after two hours of digital image editing, my hands are aching. I'm going to give them a break and just figure that I'll finish drafting the thing by tomorrow, put it up in galleys then and let people fiddle with it, having it go live next Monday. So we're taking a little longer for our birthday celebration -- that's okay. The best birthdays go on and on... :-)

This afternoon, Kate's coming to get me and we're going back to her home to play with Gavin, talk about writing and relationships, just generally hang out. I like Kate lots, and we have a bunch of catching up to do. We might even get some work done; I'll bring the laptop along. In the evening, I'll probably have dinner with her and Becca, though there's a possibility of dinner with Jed, Kendra and Chris instead. We'll see. Tomorrow, the train up to SF, where I'll probably work in a cafe all day on the CYO book, then dinner with Clive (visiting from England), then over to David's for a week or so.

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