Art show report — sold…

Art show report -- sold all four glass collages (two of which I didn't photograph before selling them, oops), one glass spinny-thing, and a few little books. The only blank book that sold was the laughing cat book, which might indicate that I need to price the blank books even cheaper if I want to sell them -- which I'm disinclined to do, since they're pretty cheap already, and dropping the price more will make them not worth bothering. They *were* placed on the absolute farthest table, so it's possible that a lot of people just didn't make it all the way out there. I'll probably try them at these prices at one more con before giving up on them and handing them out to friends. :-)

Overall, sold $273.50 worth of stuff; if you deduct the $100 hanging fees, that's $173.50 profit; if you deduct the materials expense for everything I had hanging, that's probably about $50 of profit, and if you deducted my time...well, that would be just silly, wouldn't it? Because the whole thing isn't work, it's a lot of fun.

I didn't sell "Fringes", so I think I will try taking it off the frame, removing the glued-on backing paper if possible, and quilting it, so that it can hang freely from a silver bar. I think that'll look a lot better. Since I did sell all the glass collages, I think I can say again that they're a pretty good deal for me -- they're not really like anything else that shows up in art shows, and people seem to like that. If only they weren't so heavy! Layers of glass get heavy really fast. I don't know if I'll be accepted to World Fantasy's juried art show, but since I'll be driving to both that and WindyCon, I at least won't have to worry about lugging the collages across airports. I'm a little burned out on art at the moment, but I'll probably make some more collages before the conventions.

As for little books, in addition to the one blank book, I sold one book of my poems and one copy of "Minal in Winter" -- I suspect what I ought to do is a few more of that kind of thing. The fancier ones (with embedded jewelry and rich sari fabrics) seem to sell better than the simple ones.

Karen, if you actually want the red silk butterfly album, it's yours. The back binding really is kind of messed up, sadly -- I don't think it's likely to ever sell. (See, it's *good* to tell me if you really like something. :-)

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