It is not clear to…

It is not clear to me:

  • how to add items to the dock!
  • whether I need to buy new versions of Word, Netscape, etc. in order to use them in OS X -- I am really not liking IE being the only browser available there
  • whether my telling it to automatically start-up classic environment when it starts up the computer is a good thing (I assume that'll mean I can run my old programs no problem, without having to wait for it to start up the classic environment each time I open Word -- but will it slow everything down? Doesn't appear to be slowing things down noticeably now, to have both operating systems open -- but maybe that's because classic is set to go to sleep after being unused for five minutes? will it take as long to wake up from sleep as to start up? -- oh, so many questions)
  • where my iTunes playlists went, and whether I can get them back -- it seems to have found all the music itself just fine
I want a nice AI, dangit. One that'll hold my hand and tell me it'll all be okay -- and maybe sing me lullabies when I'm having trouble sleeping...

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