Boy, y’all are helpful! …

Boy, y'all are helpful! I've been flooded with good advice -- thanks! I think I'll keep the starting up of classic on start-up for now; I don't actually boot up that often anyway, and I use Word 5.1 (which I don't want to upgrade 'cause I like this version best) from the get-go when I do. My standard work pattern is to have Word open along with a terminal window and a browser and bop back and forth between the three (occasionally opening up Fetch or Graphic Converter).

Figured out how to drag onto the dock, so that's much better. Word and Terminal are there now, and I've added Mozilla. We'll see how I like it. I believe that IE may be the best product out there for this, but I'm still annoyed at them over the whole bundling issue. Kev likes Omniweb; I may try that. We'll see how it goes. Jon says that he has encountered a bunch of bugs with Mozilla, including trouble entering text into text boxes -- that would be really annoying; we'll see if it comes up for me.

I went ahead and created new playlists; I've been meaning to reorganize my iTunes stuff anyway.

So really, I think I'm basically up and running, in about an hour or two of work. Not a bad changeover at all. David, you may want to think about switching -- very straightforward procedure. Basically 'stick in the disk and click install.' Kind of fun messing with the new settings.

The one thing I do miss is having my hard drive in my apple menu -- I used to used the cascading menus (is that the right term?) constantly to open up stories and such buried several levels down. It doesn't seem to do anything like that anymore?

Anyway, let's see if my browser crashes less now.

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