So, we had house…

So, we had house guests for a few days -- Bryan and Elissa came up from St. Louis and stayed with us. Much fun. They arrived Thursday night, and we went out for Italian with Michael M. and his new boyfriend, John -- I hadn't seen Michael in forever, and it was delightful getting back in touch with another old friend who lives in Chicago.

Old friends are great; you can just relax and totally goof off with them. I think these days I'm a little too much in professional mode when I meet new people -- maybe a function of mostly meeting them in professional settings like conventions. So it seems to take forever before you get to the point where you're really relaxed and lounging about with them. We spent quite a while playing with my camera, for example -- Bryan's thinking about getting a digital camera, so we discussed features and flaws. He took a lot of...umm...interesting photos, of our ceiling and such.

There was also a fair bit of talking about kids, between adorable Zoe (the bestest almost-two-year-old ever) and Bryan and Liss's plans...they're in the midst of adopting a child from South America. Long process! They've been approved, and are now waiting for a baby to be available. It'll be several months before they actually have baby in hand.

Friday we mostly lounged around -- went downtown for a bit and walked in the park, then came back and made dinner. Greek food for them, plus Tom and Roshani and Zoe and Adam. We ended up with seven adults for dinner -- our biggest dinner party yet; we had to pull out one of the leaves of the table. Very satisfying. I get *so* domestic's pleasant. (That's Bryan in black and white, btw -- Kevin in color. :-)

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