Hey, guys. So, I wrote…

Hey, guys. So, I wrote a poem this morning, but I can't post it here, since it's a sub to a chapbook project. I do like getting little calls in my mailbox; they make me want to write. Of course, I generally write very silly things in response to this sort of call, which make the editor chuckle as they write the rejection note. Still fun, though.

Todd came by last night for more Civ -- I got to win this time, much fun. Kevin told me this morning that in the course of his sleepless night (poor baby), he figured out how we can hook all three laptops up together. So maybe we'll do a three-player game sometime soon. That'd be way cool. Major time-sink, of course, but since we've been playing in the evenings, it's just time that I'd have spent watching tv anyway. :-)

Reading Liz Williams's Empire of Bones and enjoying it quite a bit, actually. Near-future SF, lots of aliens, set in India! Good characterization, good plotting; just an all-around good read. Hard to put down, and in fact, I'm going back to it now. More work later, hopefully.

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