The apartment is getting…

The apartment is getting cleaner (I just reorganized and labelled the spices, which were a godawful mess, driving me batty), leaving me with fewer and fewer ways to avoid the Stack o'Paperwork. But I shall prevail -- I think I'll go do dishes next. Or maybe file warranties and other such nonsense, which masquerades as Dealing with Paperwork, but is actually Cleverly Putting Off Urgent Paperwork in Favor of Totally Irrelevant and Out of Date Paperwork.

None of my work backlog was helped by my playing Civilization against Todd for six or so hours yesterday. But it was sure fun, especially when accompanied with some good wine (courtesy of Kevin) and good spinach-garlic pizza (courtesy of Giordano's (and Kevin who walked next door to pick it up from them)). Todd whupped me soundly, but I think I have some thoughts on how to do better next time. Wish David was here to network computers and play against; I'm sure he'd whup me too, but it'd still be fun.

(There *was* a little while last night, after I'd been losing for a while, when I was starting to get petulant and sulky, but I managed to shake myself out of it in time to be a moderately gracious loser. :-)

I do admit to doing a little real work yesterday and today -- did a thorough copyedit of the Herotica 7 galleys, finding *lots* of things to mark up. That's a little nerve-wracking, 'cause you feel like if you found lots, there's probably lots more you missed...but it's also sort of satisfying, sending back a manuscript just chock-full of things for them to correct. Makes you feel like you didn't waste those several hours...

Gosh, I'll be excited when this book actually comes out!

Speaking of coming out, only three days until Wet comes out! Woohoo!

And, of course, there's another exciting event just a few days after that. But you probably knew that already...

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