Oh, so behind. I’m…

Oh, so behind. I'm playing total catch-up on SH stuff. What's so frustrating is, of course, that none of this takes that long, if I'd just do it. Just added six new artists to our illustration database -- took maybe an hour. Should've done it a month ago. Sigh.

More urgently, need to do up a gallery for this month. I'll probably do next month's too, while I'm at it. I'm hoping that by September, we'll actually have a new art editor who can take it over for me. It's not so hard to do them in advance -- once. It just lets me be a slug for a few months until I'm behind again. Not the best approach.

Also just received Rachel's cartoon for this month (probably arrived while I was out of town, oh well). So that's not so much my fault, but still, need to scan it in. It'll go up next week.

And finally, need to finish proofing the damn POD. I don't know what the hell is going to happen with this book, but I can at least finish *my* responsibilities for it and then it can be someone else's problem. I'll be so glad to get that off my plate.

If I finish all of that today, I get to read the beginning of Nnedi Okorafor's new novel. (Not the novel she just sold to Houghton Mifflin, the new one she's just writing.) It's so lovely that people I know are publishing novels. Robert Wexler, one of my Clarion classmates, just sent me a note that he's got a book coming out -- In Springdale Town. That page is very hard for me to read, so I can't tell more about it, but if it's like what he did at Clarion, it'll be lovely surreal stuff. Yay, Robert! Yay, Nnedi! Yay, books! :-)

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