I am so so productive. …

I am so so productive. Finished everything I could by myself -- now I'm waiting for people to get back to me on various things. Read Nnedi's story. Not sure quite what to do next; feeling a little restless, like I want to go out and run errands. But it's painfully hot outside. I'm not sure I'm up to braving the heat. Last night's dance class was good, but wore me out. Maybe I will go out for just a bit -- I do need a few groceries, almost out of sugar and milk and trash bags. And I think there's a Goodwill only a few blocks away; might see if they have anything that could serve as a little table for the front hall, or a dresser for the bedroom.

I'd sort of like to finish the other little curtain for the bedroom, but it's for a really high window -- I think I'd need a taller ladder than the one we have. Guess I should check that first. But if so, then I'll probably just wait for Kev to get back so we can use his car -- hauling a really tall ladder in a cab doesn't seem like a good idea somehow. Though maybe the hardware store across the street has one. I should probably check with them at least.

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