Wrote some more on…

Wrote some more on Saraswati - 7698 words total now.

Also went to see a new opera this evening, Galileo Galilei. Kev has season tickets at the Goodman -- since he's out of town, I took Shannon. Just as well, since Kev wouldn't have liked this at all, I think -- mostly a piece of light fluff...pretty, with lots of singing. Very thin. What interest and poignancy there was for me was primarily drawn from the actual historical words of the various characters; there just wasn't so much more to the piece. Ah well. Still more fun than sitting at home watching tv. Poor Galileo.

Other accomplishments for the day -- read Naomi Kritzer's Fires of the Faithful. Interesting religious setup in various ways. Lesbian political leader/violinist protagonist. Didn't blow me away, but will probably read rest of series. Fast read, at any rate. Also bought jeans and khakis today -- astonishingly, the first pairs I tried on at the Express clearance sale fit fine. Somehow they looked a lot better on me in the store than they do at home, though. I suspect their mirrors of being rigged. Oh well...still nice to be fitting into a 7/8 in jeans!

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