Morning, my dears. …

Morning, my dears. Shmuel's here! He arrived very late last night, and we had some interesting times trying to figure out what he could eat. The orthodox thing is complicated! We settled on tea and cookies, not the best dinner in the world, but possibly not the worst.

He brought me presents -- David Gerrold's Chess with the Dragon, which is eerily reminiscent of *two* of my sf much so that I wonder if I read his book when I was very young and it stuck in my head. But I don't think so. But maybe. And highlighters! Not just highlighters, but in theory, erasable highlighters. How weird. I suspect if they do successfully erase, they only do so if you do it right away -- and besides, I'm probably unlikely to go through all my exam books after my exams and actually erase all the highlighting, because I'm a lazy bum. But what a charming thought, and in any case, now I can start highlighting! :-)

Not sure what we're going to do today. If he wants to sightsee, we can do that. If he wants to eat, I think we're going to have to trek about an hour away out to West Devon to find an acceptably kosher restaurant. I'm a bit stunned that there doesn't seem to be a single one downtown or anywhere closer. If any of you know of any, please let me know, okay?

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