In case you were…

In case you were worrying, I came and went with no problem. Took a bus there, about 20 minutes, and a cab back ($9), since I was loaded down with tons of stuff. It's lovely being so close to downtown (walking distance) and not so far from all the near-North shopping stuff.

I ended up spending two and a half hours at Home Depot -- in part because they have very little sales help after 10 p.m., but mostly because I wasn't really sure what I wanted or where it was, so spent quite a while wandering about. I also kept thinking of new projects I want to try. I wonder where I can get cheap furniture? I want to try tiling the top of a piece to make a little occasional table for the front hall. If that goes well, I might even attempt a coffee table, but that might be a bit much. We'll see. I did get some lovely tile -- cobalt blue for the occasional table, and terra cotta and brick and ivory and dark green for the potential coffee table. About $8 total for the tile! Plus five dollars for adhesive grout, and a few more for tile sealer, and a few more for a scraper, but really, that's pretty damn cheap. No wonder they do tile treatments so often on Trading Spaces (a home-improvement show I've gotten addicted to).

There are just too many cool things to build, and too many cool ways to build them. I get all distracted and scattered. One of these days I need to return to writing...but not yet, not yet. I'm in the midst of making a skirt for Roshani; last night I was still hyped when I got home (no idea why), so I stayed up watching old episodes of Buffy (the hyena episode was really good) and pinning patterns to fabric and cutting them out. I got tired a few pieces from the end, so I crashed around two a.m. (forgetting to put my leftovers in the fridge, oops). (But remembering to close the windows, in case Kevin is reading this and fretting about the floor. :-) Finished the cuts this morning, so I just have to wind a bobbin and thread the machine and I'll be all ready to just whip this baby out.

I love knowing how to do things!

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