So I did get totally…

So I did get totally drenched yesterday, coming back from dance class. Better than on the way to it. :-) Five blocks in pounding rain, me in just a thin shirt, skirt and sandals. Just lovely. Luckily, Kevin was home when I got back and brought me towels in the hallway so I wouldn't have to drip all over our wood floors. My clothes were just sodden, all the way through. Fun!!

It was a good dance class -- beginner is just the right level for me; I basically know the steps he's using, and he goes just fast enough that I have to work hard to follow along. Which is right, I think -- the whole point of going to dance class to exercise is that you don't have to think about the fact that you're're too busy trying not to look like an idiot. :-) It was the first day of summer session, so there were lots of people who didn't know what they were doing. I expect as the weeks go by, quite a few will drop, so I'll have to work harder not to look like an idiot. That's okay. I might even get better at this. I'm actually planning on going to classes tonight and tomorrow night as well -- not that I expect to actually do dance classes every day long-term, but I want to try a bunch of classes and see which ones suit me. Jazz yesterday, modern today, African tomorrow. Fun fun fun.

I don't think I get to have fun much longer, though -- or not just fun. This last week's been a sort of mini-vacation for me, after the frenzy of moving and unpacking and WisCon. Just lazing about, doing whatever pleases me. No motivation for working. But I actually have quite a few projects I should get going on, so I ought to get up off my butt and do them, y'know? Soon.

Kevin leaves for Zurich early Saturday morning -- he'll be gone for a month. So there's still a bit of house stuff, making sure everything's ready for him to leave and for me to be here by myself. I know how to get to the grocery store now, for example. That kind of thing. Not that I'm going to be completely abandoned here, of course -- Roshani's here, and I have various other friends in town. No worries.

This morning I was hoping to work on a skirt, but I managed to spill tea all over one of the pattern pieces, which promptly tore when I tried to pick it up. It's drying now -- hopefully I can tape it back together without too much confusion. Until it's done drying, though, I can't do anything else on the skirt. I guess I'll read instead -- there's a stack of Tiptree books awaiting me, along with random other reading. Really, I should just be reading all the time.

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