Just got a lovely Fed Ex…

Just got a lovely Fed Ex from Melcher -- two gorgeous advance copies of Wet! It looks so beautiful; I love the dramatic color cover, and they've made the typeface larger inside, making it much easier to read. The Schwartz photographs scattered through also add a terrific visual element, though I'm a bit worried that people will think they're meant to be illustrations and get really confused by them. Oh well -- they'll figure it out eventually. Can't wait until it's available in bookstores; it's scheduled for July 23rd, but hey -- you can order your advance copy from Amazon today. I'm honestly not sure whether it's better for my sales if you buy advance copies or buy copies in the first week it's officially out...but I doubt advance copies hurt! :-)

I actually get (teeny tiny) royalties on this one, once I sell out my advance, so every book sold helps!

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