Morning, munchkins! And…

Morning, munchkins! And happy Mother's Day, to all the mothers reading this journal. :-) Everyone remember to give your mom a call, okay?

Had a really pleasant day yesterday. Took the bus down to Hyde Park, walked along 57th Street to campus, stopping at Powell's to pick up a few fabulous used books. Played games with the Skiffy folks for about five hours -- Chez Geek and Drakon (not sure if that's the right name, but something like that) and Settlers of Catann. Won twice. :-) Then walked back to the bus stop, pausing at 57th Street Books to pick up a few items, including two Diana Wynne Jones novels (amusing, since I see M'ris is reading one now). I just finished the first of them, Tales of Time City, which was probably not her best, but still fun. I came home to find that Kevin had cooked (always pleasant, since he's a good cook, but impossible to predict when he'll feel like doing it) -- he'd made curry and saffron rice and it was just so yummy. :-) We watched Notting Hill since it was on tv (I'd seen it before, but I'm always happy to watch Hugh Grant, and Julia Roberts I'm pretty fond of too), and then I read for ten minutes or so and crashed hard. Was very tired! Not sure why...I might be fighting off the cold Kevin's got.

So, it was a lovely goof-off kind of day, made even better by the weather. It was raining, not too hard -- just hard enough to feel like actual rain, and when I'm dressed warmly enough, that always puts me in a good mood. I stopped downtown in the morning and bought an umbrella, and then I could quite contentedly wander along the streets, splashing in occasional puddles (though not too much, since my boots are still in transit), just loving the intense green of the grass and the trees. I swear, my soul has been just parched, living in Utah for three years. They have flowers, they have trees, it's all quite pretty -- but it's just not the same as living someplace wet. I can't explain it properly, I think.

Anyway, enough babbling from me. I'm going to go do some dishes and then shower; Roshani and Tom and Zoe are coming to Greektown for their Mother's Day brunch, so I'm going to putter along and join them for a bit. If I get ready quickly, I might be able to run and pick up a few flowers for her first; not sure if there's anyplace around here to buy flowers, though. We'll see...

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