Ooh, sleepy baby. Not…

Ooh, sleepy baby. Not sure why I'm so sleepy, either -- went to bed at 10:30, didn't get out of bed 'til close to 8. I guess I'm still getting used to having someone else in the bed; makes for slightly restless nights. But I've done this before, and I imagine I can do it again. It'll just take a little while to adapt.

Not that it's all unpleasant adapting. Does sex count as exercise? :-)

Seriously, I do actually plan to start working out again soon. But I have neither my little dance videotape, nor my sneakers. All my stuff arrives on Tuesday -- can't wait! It'll be a lot of work unpacking, but it'll also be such a relief; I just keep wanting things, little things (like my wooden spoon for stirring) that aren't here yet.

It's such a relief having that paper done with. It means I'm almost done with last year's academic stuff -- just one thing left, finalizing my exam list. Which mostly means typing it up properly and e-mailing it out so my committee can sign off on it. I think I'm not going to try to start working on it 'til after WisCon, though -- just too much happening between now and then. I think I'd better make a list:

  • finalize exam list
  • finish revising Due for Bleiler
  • write Due article for SH
  • send Hampton 500-word abstract on Due
  • create Due presentation for WisCon
  • write SH editorial
  • respond to various SH gallery artists
  • check in with Lucy re: SH poster (by the 15th)
  • talk to Zak about SH bookmarks
  • finalize SH Hugo page and get planet/Hugo icon up
  • finish cleaning apartment
  • buy bath mats and new shower curtain
  • buy stand for aquarium?
  • buy fishies!
  • once stuff arrives, unpack
  • finish making all sorts of art for WisCon show
  • keep working on novel!
Okie. So that should all happen in the next week and a half, or so, before WisCon. Looks intimidating, but I think do-able. The scariest part is writing the Due article...this is why I'm more of a writer than an academic. The academic stuff scares me.

Despite that vast list of to-do items, I'm actually taking today off. In about an hour, I'm going to head down to Hyde Park to attend an event my old sci-fi club (Skiffy) is putting on, their Day of Games. Which mostly means we sit around and play Talisman and Cosmic Encounter and eat junk food all day. :-) Much fun. I'll probably take my computer along too; if there isn't anything I want to play, I may go hide in a corner and write for a while. I'm also behind on my fun reading -- there's three more Hugo-nominee novels to read, for example, one by Bujold! Plus I just heard that LeGuin has a new book out (a kids' picture book), so I need to look for that. And I think there's more that I'm blanking on. Hyde Park has several fine bookstores, so it should be easy enough to find what I want. Just too bad that it's rainy today, since I'll have many blocks to walk outside, and my raincoat isn't here yet. Hopefully my short jacket will suffice.

By the way -- I'm not really planning on doing ongoing updates on the status of my relationship with Kevin. So you can just assume that things are generally going well (sometimes very well), and that if anything drastic changes, I'll let y'all know then. Okay? Okay. :-)

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